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Most tours from a Cruise ship are similar, you get on a bus, your guide tells you some facts while you waste a lot of time stuck in traffic, you walk around the destination for a few hours, then you're back on the bus, back in traffic and then back to your ship, with hours wasted in traffic.

Come on one of my tours and it will be a different experience. 


The Port of Haifa is next to the Haifa Rail Hub.  I will take you to Jerusalem on  Israel’s high tech train system.

  • Length           10 Hours

  • Difficulty         Moderate

  • Price               450$     (Max 5 people)



The Port of Haifa is smack in the middle of downtown Haifa.  Find the tour that is perfect for you: Culture, History, Religions, Nature, Day at the beach

  • Length           5 - 10 Hours

  • Difficulty        Easy to Strenuous

  • Price             300450$     (Max 10 people)


Airport Services:

There is a direct train from the airport to the Port of Haifa. I will meet you at the airport, and take you on the train to your ship.
Or meet you at
the port and take you to the airport.

  • Length           2 - 3 Hours

  • Price             100$     


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