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Ancient Biblical Cities
Diana explaining the Israelite Gate at Tel Dan

Tel Megiddo
Tel Dan
Tel Lachish
Tel Azekah

Tel Megiddo, located in the Jezreel Valley, is one of the most important ancient sites in the world with 30 layers of civilization going back more than 5000 years. It is mentioned in the Christian Scriptures as the site of the final battle between good and evil. Tel Dan, located in the northern part of Israel, is also mentioned in the Bible, here an inscription mentioning King David was found. Tel Lachish, located in the lowlands southwest of Jerusalem, was the site of a major battle between the Kingdom of Judah and the Assyrian Empire. Lastly Tel Azekah is believed to be where the young David fought Goliath. All four sites are beautiful natural areas and give visitors insight into the history and significance of the Bible. 
I would love to show them to you.

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