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Tours of Haifa

 Talpiot: Haifa food market

Haifa didn't used to be known for interesting restaurants, but in the last 5 years there has been an explosion of new eateries in the area of the Haifa Shuk (open air market).  These restaurants include:  gourmet Indian, authentic middle east, wine and beer joints, bakeries and cafes, a hugely popular Thai place, Vietnamese, Georgian, Argentinian vegetarian, and many more. All of these places use the very freshest food that they get at the market.
I will take you on a two hour tour of this fascinating area, explaining its history, and pointing our the different restaurants.  At the end of the tour you can choose one of the restaurants for lunch.

1000 steps to the bottom

This is a great tour to introduce the city of Haifa and it's varied neighborhoods. We will ride the Carmelit (Israel's only subway) from downtown to the top of the Carmel. Then we will walk back down. We pass an outdoor museum of Haifa Artists, go through a hipster street where you can rest and have an Israeli lunch at the Hapina Cafe. We will pass the Haifa Holocaust Museum, and the Old Technion and much more.  

The tour starts at 9am and ends at about 2pm.

British War Cemetery Mass Grave of Indian cavalry.jpg

Old Haifa and the Seashore

This is a walking tour that will show you places that people who live in Haifa don't know. We will start at the British Cemetery from WW I and walk through a strange neighborhood with a cave of Byzantine graves. Then we'll go through Bat Galim, walk along the Haifa oceanfront Promenade and end at the Oceanographic Institute with a mosaic from a 2nd temple era homestead.

Persian fallow deer.jpg

Cable Car / Nature Park

We'll take the Bus to the Cable Car.  Go up to the Haifa University and walk about 2 kilometers to Hai-Bar Nature Park with extraordinary views of the Carmel Forest. At the Nature Park there are breeding programs for several endangered species with programs to re-introduce them to the wild, but the story of Persian Fallow deer is the most interesting. The story of these deer and how they were saved from extinction is stranger than fiction!   

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